crisis-proven and multidisciplinary approach to Legal Project Management

Our offer

Overview of services

  • Project- and Process management
  • Feasibility studies
  • Analyses of legal and regulatory risks
  • Analysis and evaluation of financing options
  • Support and advice in tendering procedures
  • Advising on-site teams on legal and regulatory issues
  • Advising on digitalization in the development context
  • Creating internal and external communication strategies and implementing efficient committee work
  • Reputation management and crisis communication
  • Establishment of control and monitoring systems including crisis contingency plans and stable crisis management systems
  • Prepare and support auditing procedures

Crisis-proven and multidisciplinary in the field of development cooperation

We advise NGOs, foundations, associations, and the private sector on all legal and regulatory issues in the context of development cooperation. What distinguishes us as a law firm from others is our crisis-tested and multidisciplinary approach to work in combination with many years of experience in project design and implementation of projects with which public funds are involved. Our team has worked in staff and budget positions of responsibility for funding, governance, and implementation. We have planned and implemented development projects with budget and staff responsibility in organizations such as GIZ, KfW, DLR Project Management, UN, EU, and various NGOs, partly in crisis regions and crisis contexts. This makes us your contact for all questions in the context of development cooperation.

Legal advice for NGOs and associations

Our legal and project consulting services are tailored for NGOs and associations: from the foundation to the legal and organizational issues that arise when setting up or downsizing
to advise on financing options and due diligence.

Are you working in a responsible position for an NGO in a development context? If so, you are probably familiar with the plethora of legal issues and compliance considerations that play a role in your day-to-day work. You often need quick, actionable answers that think outside the legal box and keep an eye on the entire risk landscape.

In addition to employment law, international private law, contract law, duty of care, and damage liability issues, the topic of data security is playing an increasingly important role.
Many legal and compliance issues also arise in the area of corporate communications, which plays a central role for many NGOs, as this is where new resources are acquired and your success stories are told.

Especially in a multinational context and offices and/or projects in different countries, efficient committee work is essential. It is the backbone of the organization together with constantly updated BCM plans and a corporate culture that enables employees to react appropriately in stressful situations.

Implement public funds in the private sector

Have you ever considered whether you, as a private sector company, would be interested in using public funds in the context of development cooperation? Such allocations of public funds are increasingly being set up and awarded to the private sector under various procedures. Germany is providing substantial financial support in various fields. This ranges from the reconstruction of Ukraine to climate funds, nature protection, and stabilization in the Middle East. The goals are to strengthen local economies through financing with public funds and to open up new markets for your products and services. There are growing examples of direct cooperation between the private sector and public donors – without an implementing organization as an intermediate stage. This saves time and money and leaves more of the budget available for the project.

As a law firm with experience in development cooperation, we can advise you on legal and regulatory issues, as well as political and practical challenges. We act as an interface and
translator between private sector organizations or companies and public or private donors – in the German, European, and international contexts.

Development through technology and technical communication



We have deep experience with the technical project management of complex projects in a crisis context. We can assess the technical challenges and risks associated with the implementation of your project at an early stage. Our customers do not always operate in well-resourced or accessible regions of the world so we advise you on your information technology requirements with strong technical competence when implementing projects locally or abroad, wherever your business takes you.