Interplay of different elements in a solid legal framework

Our offer in the classical understanding of art law

  • sales contracts, gallery contracts
  • Insurance and damage claims
  • clarification of claims, and contractual obligations, such as rectification, fulfillment, later or only partial performance
  • copyright issues, plagiarism, or forgery
  • NFT, smart contracts
  • contracts with platforms and providers
  • data security, internet presence, general terms and conditions, an imprint

Our legal project management is more than classical art law

For art and culture professionals, we are available as a contact partner for all phases of planned interventions and art productions. From the planning stage to implementation and execution, we work out your individual risk landscape and advise you on how to plan economically and protect yourself legally.

  • Contracts and agreements that want to be read, used, and understood – be it a work contract between the artist and a studio manager, or an agreement on an international collaboration between artists and a production crew, arrangements between artists and designers on copyrights, or Ā arrangements with participants in international residencies or conferences – our contracts help you because they are living documents that grow with your endeavors and help you manage your risks while clarifying your legal position
  • International collaboration needs international and adequate conflict resolution – we advise on how to use conciliation, mediation, or arbitration and help you choose a negotiation method that saves your time and money
  • Advice on the conception and production of art events, exhibitions, festivals, conferences
  • Application for, administration, and accounting of public funds
  • Digitization in the art context
  • Artists and activists working in areas such as pranks, hacktivism, or whistleblowing will find advice from us that goes beyond legal issues to provide answers on risk management and technical implementation.

Consulting – adapted to current production and presentation formats.

Contemporary art production and presentation are constantly changing and finding new formats that deviate from the classic art market and exhibition business. Legal and organizational structures and questions only partly coincide with those that arise for artists and organizers in a non-traditional art context. Especially artists of new media art in the gray areas between art, science, and technology often enter new territory and address precisely the unwieldy, provocative, sociological, and legal questions.

The structure, nature, and framework conditions of such contemporary art and presentation formats require fundamentally different legal and organizational advice and support. We offer art- and culture-creating individuals and organizations sound legal and, beyond that, multidisciplinary advice.

We provide orientation in the funding landscape and are at your side with advice in all phases of the projects. As a legal firm, we advise you on the legal and administrative challenges of art production and presentation. We work at the interface of organizational, economic, and procedural elements, helping you to focus entirely on your creative work.

Financial Crisis Management for the Cultural Sector

Many artists and especially the associations and organizations in the field of art and creative industries (also) finance themselves through public funds. These public subsidies are subject to political requirements and can rarely be reliably planned for several years. As a result, institutions sometimes find themselves under economic stress at high speed and require well-structured crisis financial management.

We advise our clients with the aim of ensuring that the management level is aware of the legal framework and also maintains an economic overview. In joint workshops with the respective teams, we draw up liquidity plans that enable business planning. Impending bankruptcies can often be averted in this way.

Coming under economic stress as an organization is often not a sign of bad management – it is particularly important in tense times to demonstrate good teamwork and business management.

Multidisciplinary Legal Project Management for the Cultural Sector

In this field, we implement our multidisciplinary approach to legal project management through the curator in the team, who after her Bachelor of Law (LLB.) has focused entirely on the field of curatorial studies.

Starting from the legal support of artistic and cultural projects, she advises and accompanies your projects as part of the team in the stages of planning, funding application, and administration of public and private subsidies. Comprehensive and forward-looking legal support for artists, cultural workers, and cooperation partners can only be based on knowledge of practices and processes in art production and the cultural sector. Our curator’s experience enables her to specifically identify the key legal and regulatory issues.

As a team, we consult on the different procedural steps. Our goal is your comprehensive risk management and your contractual security of artistic productions and cultural projects.