Legal, compliance, information technology and organizational communication converge

Legal Project Management


International and intercultural work experience in project management is the origin of the firm’s multidisciplinary competencies in the fields of law, compliance, information technology, and organizational communication. Our goal is the successful interaction of these disciplines on a solid legal structure.

We offer multi-disciplinary support throughout all stages of your project

Legal project management offers you complex analyses from a wide variety of perspectives including from critically related disciplines in order to prepare your organisation for the unforeseen. We help you see beyond the mere facts that are necessary for the legal evaluation. What distinguishes us is our multidisciplinary approach that gives you more than legal advice – the peace of mind of a comprehensive legal solution. Our multidisciplinary approach focuses on legal services but also incorporates expertise from a wide variety of connectable areas. In this way, we ensure that you not only get answers, but clear, implementable, results so you can work with legal, regulatory, and operation certainty.

We recruit from our network of experts exactly the knowledge and experience you need at each stage of the project. We don’t try to match your project to our team – we assemble a team for your project. We accompany projects from planning and structuring (e.g. finding and evaluating the best option to finance your project, application writing) through implementation (risk management, supporting finance- and HR- management, ensuring business continuity) and finalization & evaluation (reporting and financial statement).

The IT engineer brings technical expertise to the team, and our communications and media expert casts the solutions in a communication strategy that is precisely tailored to the target group. We work on digital solutions for our clients, such as ai-based reporting and e-files for on site-data collections through app-based questionnaires.