Risk management

No matter the size of your organization or business, knowing your risks and ensuring business continuity saves your time and money.
If you find yourself at the mercy of a stress test, we will advise you on your options.

Our offer
• Reputation management
• Expert opinions on compliance issues
• It-Compliance
• Crisis-resistant management and communication system
• BCM audit
• Peer support systems

Crisis and reputation management

In crisis situations, we advise you on your options. In addition to the legal and economic advisory, we also bring our work experience in international project and crisis finance management with us. Reputation management -– we help you to tidy up: a legally secure public image, clarity about your legal claims and an efficient communication strategy.

Compliance and Business Continuity Management, BCM

Compliance issues are often not only reputationally damaging, they can also be very costly and time-consuming to resolve. We analyze the specific risk landscape for you on the basis of your business model. Together we define the steps to the desired project goal in order to always enable you to make safe and long-term decisions with a new comprehensive understanding of the risks. We have many years of experience with compliance in cross-border
business, especially in the context of development projects.

Trained and certified to the ISO 22301 BCM standard, our auditors, together with you, can create a crisis-resistant management and communication system tailor made for your specific risk landscape so that you and your team are aware of potential risks and ready to respond efficiently and with peace of mind.

IT Compliance

IT compliance is understood as the observance of legal requirements that affect the use of information technology. IT security, insurance of IT risks, data protection and outsourcing are among the compliance requirements. A large number of legal and non-legal standards must be observed, for example data protection (DSGVO, TKG, TMG) and the principles for accounting and tax auditing (GoBS, GDPdU). In many cases, company management is personally liable for IT compliance. We advise you on your obligations and enable you to clearly define your liability.

Peer Support / Mental Health Psychosocial Support (MHPSS)

Especially in recent years, we could see the immediate impact of the psychological well-being of staff on business continuity. Well-organized Smart organizations will establish early warning systems and offer physical and psychological first aid for its staff.

The term “Mental Health and Psychosocial Support” (MHPSS) describes all measures aimed at preserving and improving mental health and the social aspects that influence the psyche. Social conflict and mental health problems are seen in relation to each other -– neither component can be neglected. MHPSS is not only successfully applied in work with refugees. Especially teams working together in stressful situations benefit from MHPSS structures and achieve respectful interaction and efficient communication. We offer many years of experience in designing, training, and operating such support structures. This enables employees to recognize stress symptoms and react appropriately. In international personnel management, this is part of the employer’s duty of care. However, it pays off not only in crisis areas if your employees feel respected and the entire organization becomes stress-resistant.


Your secure and efficient communication is our goal. We offer you our technical experience as a team together with our legal and process understanding as a resource. The topic of whistleblowing has become an important social discourse.
In Germany, the law to protect people who stand up against injustice in government agencies, organizations, and businesses was adopted in 2023. We look forward to its application, evaluating the risks and opportunities with you, and advising you on your strategic approach and safe communication.