We accompany your project in all its phases

Project Management for public funds

Public funding is linked to political objectives and has a clearly defined framework for approval and administration. Government financial support can be granted in the form of funding, grants, promotional loans, or research allowances. All funding must be applied for and accounted for in sometimes complicated procedures. We will advise you and guide you through legal and administrative challenges in the project management of these procedures.

What funding opportunities exist and are relevant and available for your situation? How does the application process work? What are the administrative requirements when changes occur? What are the requirements for proper project completion? We are your contact in the individual process steps and advise you on the legal and administrative challenges.

We work closely with a specialized tax consulting firm and advise on comprehensive solutions that also include the topics of data security, audits, and documentation.


Project Management for Public Funds

  • Conception – Overview of potential funding opportunities, compliance analysis concerning your planned intervention, consultation on legal, economic, and technical implications of the proposal
  • Application – support the application writing
  • Steering – communication with the donor, re-dedication of budget lines
  • Completion – audit-proof financial statement and data-secure documentation